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3D XPoint technology is up to 1,000 times faster and has up to 1,000 times greater endurance than NAND, but is 10 times Nov 16, 2017 Intel and Micron have expanded their XPoint production fab in Utah, USA, as the clock ticks down to the launch of XPoint DIMMs in the second half of 2018. 3D XPoint is the Intel-Micron solid-state storage technology that's a little faster and more expensive than NAND, and not as fast nor as expensive as Nov 13, 2017 Intel Optane SSD 900P Series half-height half-length add-in card, available in 480GB and 280GB capacities. Initial prices are less than dynamic 3D XPoint technology is an entirely new class of nonvolatile memory that can help turn immense amounts of data into valuable information in real time. But with competitive 3D NAND technology, potentially with the lowest cost-per-bit, as well as a differentiation opportunity with 3D Xpoint, Micron could . Bit storage is based on a change of bulk resistance, in conjunction with a stackable cross-gridded data access array. (Credit: Intel Corporation). Illustration: Micron Technology. My colleague Tiernan Ray dove into Mar 24, 2017 Micron reported their 2Q 2017 results last night and the quarter was a monster. Oct 6, 2017 Figure 1 shows comparison of the effective memory cell area efficiency for 2D/3D NAND products from Toshiba/SanDisk (Western Digital), Micron/Intel, SK Hynix and Samsung, and 3D XPoint (OptaneTM from Intel). The expanded fab will produce 3D XPoint™ Feb 6, 2017 Intel's Optane products that rely on 3D XPoint non-volatile memory technology, which was co-developed with Micron, finally made their debut at CES 2017 in January. However, they won't be the only memory solutions in 2017 to rely on this new technology, as Micron plans to release products of its own Nov 15, 2017 We've seen Intel's Optane in many different forms, and now it looks like we finally have a date for 3D XPoint DIMMs - 2nd half of 2018! There are lots of hurdles to overcome as the JEDEC spec is not yet finalized (and might not be by the time this launches). 3D XPoint is a non-volatile memory (NVM) technology by Intel and Micron Technology; it was announced in July 2015 and is available on the open market since April 2017. Handy said Intel is the one company most interested in 3D Xpoint by putting it into SSDs for servers that Nov 30, 2017 With an eye toward future storage technology, Micron co-developed 3D XPoint (pronounced “cross point”) with Intel. Intel and Micron Aug 9, 2016 Micron today said it already has a long queue of high-end storage resellers lined up to purchase the new product -- named QuantX -- but there's not enough to go around. Much of that is due to great traction in Micron's SSD business, thanks to 3D TLC NAND making Micron highly cost competitive. Though only Intel has used 3D XPoint in a product up to this point, Micron will have Jul 29, 2015 Intel Corporation and Micron Technology have unveiled 3D XPoint technology, a non-volatile memory that has the potential to revolutionize any device, applica The Hot Stock: Move Over For Micron - Barron's www. Today, Intel and Micron announced the completion of an expansion to Building 60 (B60) at the IM Flash facilities in Lehi, Utah. Micron gained more than 8. com/articles/the-hot-stock-move-over-for-micron-1506547282Sep 27, 2017 Micron's "3D Xpoint" solid-state memory technology for servers. Figure 1. A comparison of effective memory cell area efficiency on 2D/3D NAND and XPoint Sep 20, 2017 With a “lagging” technology position in DRAM and a highly levered balance sheet, Micron's ability to press its advantage in 3D NAND is limited, Twigg said. 5% today to close at just over $37 a share, making it the day's best-performing stock. barrons. Micron and Intel have unveiled 3D XPoint™ technology, a new category of nonvolatile memory that addresses the need for high-performance, high-endurance, and high-capacity memory and storage. Motherboard and BIOS support also needs to be Feb 3, 2017 Intel made waves at CES in January with Optane, a new class of memory and storage that will supercharge PCs and servers. Memory company Micron is coming out with memory and storage based on the same underlying 3D Xpoint technology. The shares continued to edge higher after the closing bell. Dec 20, 2017 Mehrotra said that Micron would talk about 3D Xpoint at an upcoming analyst event, but for now only said it is putting a product development team in place and working with players in the ecosystem. It uses phase change memory to offer much lower latency and higher endurance alternatives to flash. Called 3D XPoint (pronounced "cross point"), this is an entirely new type of non-volatile memory, with roughly 1,000 times the performance and 1,000 times the endurance of conventional NAND flash, while also being 10 times Aug 10, 2016 We managed to grab a few pictures of Micron's new 3D XPoint-powered QuantX SSD, and the company also provided performance results and endurance information. Micron also saw increases in their OEM, cloud and enterprise businesses, both in terms of capacity Jul 29, 2015 Intel and Micron have unveiled what appears to be the holy grail of memory. But don't forget that Optane has competition